Two teams of the Benelux bus win seat in the finals of StartupBus

Door Inge | 13:42

Tuesday 29th of October the semifinals of the Startup Bus competition took place in Munich. In the semifinals 4 buses battled against each other to try to win a last seat for the finals. After an opening talk by Elias Bizannes the group of 16 teams split up in 2 groups of 8. The UK bus and the Benelux bus were selected to battle against each other and the teams of the German bus battled against the French bus in the power struggle between the best of the best.

The teams each had 4 minutes to pitch their concept, an app, to the crowd and to impress the jury. After each pitch the jury had the opportunity to ask the teams questions about their market, scalability and business model. Most of the teams were struggling to answer these questions, but remember that these companies only existed for 48 hours at that moment!

The Benelux bus and its 4 teams, created the following ideas during their tour with StartupBus through various European cities:

The travel app ‘Unplanned’ which, according to the founders, is going to conquer the business travel market. The app promises to be ‘your new local friend’ in a city you are visiting, and shows you the hotspots to go when you have some time to kill.

See the pitch of Unplanned here

They are up against ‘LOL’, which stands for ‘Learnings from Life’, A tech startup that is providing a platform which makes it possible for everyone to create their own courses and they started to build their own Proof Of Concept: StartupGarage which is showing the world what their platform can do.

See the pitch of LOL here

Amongst the Benelux bus teams there also is a startup that is pursuing a vision where people with a depression will no longer have to use papers to register emotions and feelings. ‘Aiden’ is improving the way people deal with a depression, replacing the and offers the possibility to reclaim their lives after a depression.

See Aiden’s pitch from the semifinals here

Last but not least there is the app ‘Eyedia’. An application that wants to curate your daily content and offers it in a visual way instead of text based. They believe that it will save time and you will remember visual better than text.

See Eyedia’s pitch from the semifinals here


After 8 pitches of 4 minutes and with the jury firing challenging questions, the jury took council to decide which team had the best startup. The big news for the Benelux bus came when Elias announced ‘Aiden’ as one of the two winners to win a spot in the finals at the Pioneers festival. From Munich the 4 buses went straight on to Vienna.  A drive of 5 hours without any long stops made the contestants very happy to finally arrive at NH Danube in Vienna at 4 am to go and have their last good sleep before the Pioneers Festival finals.


That sleep wouldn’t be very long since the next morning the remaining teams that weren’t qualified for the finals in the semifinals, were offered a chance to win a seat in the finals with a wildcard. All the teams had the chance to pitch their apps one more time and the jury would pick the best of them to still go to the finals. Here the ‘Unplanned’ team of the Benelux bus won the wildcard, joined the other finalists and will be preparing for the big finale later today. Great job guys!! We wish everyone good luck and hope you’ll have a great time at the festival tonight!



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